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Residential Window Cleaning

Just as professional detailers can bring a showroom shine to just about any vehicle, professional window washing is likely to leave your windows looking better than you ever imagined. Most able-bodied homeowners can wash their own windows, but when you compare the equipment, specialty cleaning solutions, and hours of experience a pro brings to the job, it’s easy to understand why so few homeowners produce the kind of results you get from a trained crew.

For the average homeowner or their employees, the time consumed cleaning windows, could be better spent doing other things. Not only is it unsafe due to the use of ladders, but also very time-consuming. By using our services, the process will be a spellbinding experience.

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Please Note: We are only equipped to clean windows for buildings up to a maximum of three storeys / floors.

Pure water window cleaning services

Commercial Window Cleaning

The first thing that a client will notice in an office is its appearance. Appearances do matter in business. It is a reflection of how the office operates. If an office is sloppy in its cleanliness, it is more likely to be sloppy in its business. Clean windows project the image of class, sophistication and orderliness. It will create a favorable and lasting impression to the client. This is what a professional commercial window cleaner can help you achieve.

Let us help you make the best of your business premises with our professional and affordable window cleaning service.

Please Note: We are only equipped to clean windows for buildings up to a maximum of three storeys / floors.

Commercial and residential window cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

A new study by Duke engineering professor Michael Bergin and Chinmay Ghoroi, has now quantified the solar cell energy output loss occurring around the world as a result of air pollution and dust — bringing one of the most serious limitations of solar photovoltaic reliance in the more polluted parts of the world to the forefront, and giving us a better view of what exactly is going on. Going by the new study, solar cell output in some parts of the world is cut by over 25% as a result of airborne particles (particulate air pollution) and dust.

To get the most out of your investment in solar technology, it is vitally important that they be kept clean.

Solar panel cleaning services

Nanotechnology Glass Coating

Nanotechnology coating protects glass against mineral etching and hard-water staining, reducing the cleaning frequency by as much as 80%. When surfaces are treated with our imported product they become “Hydrophobic” meaning water is repelled and runs off the treated surface more easily, helping to prevent dirt trails, smudges and mineral build up.

Nanotechnology has been used for years by Nasa and various government departments worldwide to protect their expensive equipment.

Magic Windows make use of this glass coating to protect those difficult to keep dry and clean outside windows and glass balustrades constantly exposed to water due to their proximity to garden irrigation sprinklers. We also found it very successful to protect glass surfaces inside the home like showers doors and bathroom mirrors.

Being an odorless and non-toxic application it can cause no harm to you, your pets or your plants. It is also undetectable with the naked eye so it won’t change the look or feel of any surface it is applied to.

Nano glass coating