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Why is our method of window cleaning superior?

Pure Water Technology

By producing pure water, effectively it is the creation of an imbalance in the water molecule H20. This produces a desire (by the water molecules) to return to their natural balanced state. The cleaning magic happens when the pure water becomes like a sponge and absorbs all dirt, chemicals and minerals it comes across in an effort to restore molecular order. When this method of window cleaning is used, the final rinse water dries to a perfect finish leaving your windows spotless and streak free. Not only are the windows clean, they are left sterile.

High Reach Poles

The use of extendable water fed poles allows the operator to remain on the ground ensuring a much safer work environment. High reach poles almost eliminate the use of ladders, we only use ladders to gain access to some windows or sliding doors on balconies unreachable from the ground. By using us to clean your windows with the pure water high reach pole system, your conscience can be clear that you are employing a company that uses the safest window cleaning system available today.


Superiority over old-fashioned window cleaning is achieved due to the sterile state the windows are left in after pure water cleaning, making future dirt contamination a much slower process. Cleaning with detergents leaves a sticky residue behind, allowing dirt contamination to return more quickly. Another added benefit is your frames get a clean too, not a quick wipe over with a dirty cloth but a scrub and rinse with clean pure water attracting the dirt out from between windows and frames.


The environmental advantages are obvious too. Pure water is exactly that (with no added chemicals as found in detergents). No danger to your delicate plants, animals and most of all you and your family. Pure water use is the only choice for the environmentalist and those who genuinely care about our planet.

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For windows never thoroughly cleaned in this manner, it takes a few sessions before the windows are left entirely dirt free. Some streaks and water spots may appear on the glass after being cleaned the first and even second time. This is caused by dust and dirt previously trapped between the window and frame, attracted out by the pure water and ending up on the window. Don’t be too concerned this is normal, within a short time your windows will be completely clean and will remain streak free and spotless for longer.